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Submitted by: Donna Davis
Visited on 9/11/2016
"First time eating here tonight, Sushi was excellent!!! We will visit again and recommend others give this restaurant a try"
Submitted by: Ashley
Visited on 5/9/2015
"Great food and even better staff!! What a fun dinner!! We will be back soon!!! "
Submitted by: Robin S.
Visited on 4/14/2015
"This restaurant has the best sushi. Very fresh. I will be going back for more. "
Submitted by: Larry and Mary Kessler
Visited on 3/24/2015
"We ate at Wasabi for the first time on 3/20 and were so impressed with the food, service and atmosphere that we chose to celebrate my birthday there last night with our family. The food is excellent! We lived in Japan for 3 years 40 years ago and it is the BEST Japanese food we have had since leaving Japan. The service is excellent! Presentation is first class. We will eat there often."
Submitted by: Christel and chris
Visited on 2/14/2015
"Love it great first date "
Submitted by: jennifer
Visited on 7/6/2014
"It was AMAZING! Loved the food and the service, Eric you rock!"
Submitted by: Caitlin
Visited on 8/25/2013
"I've been to Wasabi so many times and have ordered everything from Hibachi chicken to their incredible sushi. I have never had a bad experience! From the amazing staff who have always been so kind and accomodating to the absolutely entertaining hibachi chefs (who really do put on a show for you), I have never left Wasabi feeling anything other than satisfied and happy! Even my 80+ year-old grandmother (who doesn't typically stray too far from her comfort zone) thoroughly enjoyed herself and the food! I would HIGHLY recommend Wasabi to any and everyone!"
Submitted by: savannah
Visited on 3/22/2013
"My family and i came here for my birthday and we had execent service. The people here are so polite and you guys have the best tasting food."
Submitted by: Bonnie Jennings
Visited on 1/26/2013
"Went with my husband, daughter, and grandson. My grandson and I were celebrating our birthdays together. The food was wonderful, the service was wonderful. The atmosphere made you want to stay a while. If my finances would allow it I would eat there at least once a week. "
Submitted by: Kara
Visited on 12/25/2012
"Our 1st time visiting Wasabi was on Christmas Day. Up to this point, I'd heard nothing but wonderful things about Wasabi. We loved it so much!!! The hibachi was delicious and very entertaining! The sushi just melts in your mouth. Very good!! We love it so much, we came back to eat w/ some friends the next week. If my budget allowed, I'd eat at Wasabi once a week. Can't wait to return!"
Submitted by: Denise L Nelson
Visited on 11/15/2012
"My Ladies of the Hat group--the Rainbow Bonnets--met at the restaurant for dinner. One of us had been there before and thoroughly enjoyed her experience. This night we were treated like royalty from the front door right on through the evening. The amazing chef presented a truly fascinating mastery of his cooking tools. The food was fantastic! This definitely will be a new favorite restaurant for our group."
Submitted by: Carter J
Visited on 10/21/2012
"Sunday Lunch after Church. - My parents decided to take us to a new restaurant in town after Church. Lo and behold, we parked outside Wasabi. From the moment we opened the giant doors, Wasabi became the new favorite eatery in town. The atmosphere is first class. The staff and chefs treated us like Kings. The food, truly truly AMAZING. The sushi was EXCELLENT. The following weekend, my wife and I went out for dinner, to our new favorite restaurant, and we had the same experience. Seems like the sushi tasted better though, maybe because my wife was the one feeding it to me ;) ~ See ya at Wasabi"
Submitted by: Megan
Visited on 10/14/2012
"My husband and I have dined at Wasabi 3-4 times within the past month of its opening. I think that this place is amazing! From the food, to the service, and even the atmosphere, this place is top notch. Wasabi has the best sushi in Lynchburg! When we've dined there, we've not only been customers but guests. I would recommend Wasabi to anyone. In fact, I will be there tonight. :)"