Dinner Menu  

Starters, Soup, Salad, and More -

more appetizes -

TERIYAKI - Served on Hot Skillet with Special Teriyaki Sauce Served with Soup, Salad & White Rice ($1 Extra for Fried Rice)

Tempura - Batter Fried to Perfectly Crispy Served with White Rice, Soup, & Salad ($1 Extra for Fried Rice)

Katsu / Rice - served with onion soup& salad

Japanese Noodles - Served with House Salad Choice of Udon (Thick) Noodles, or Saba (Thin) Noodles

Bento Box - Includes Chicken Tempura, 4 Pieces California Roll, Served with White Rice, Soup & Salad ($1 Extra for Fried Rice)

Entrees From Sushi Bar - Served with Miso Soup & House Salad

Hibachi Grill Entrees - Cook on Japanese Traditional Teriyaki Grill, Include Fried Rice, Onion Soup, Fresh Grilled Veggies, Salad, and Two Jump Shrimp ($2 for Additional Noodles)

Hibachi Combination -

Wasabi Special Dinner -

Kids Menu (10 and under) - Children's entrees are served with rice, soup or a salad, jumbo shrimp and ice cream

Additional Orders - with Purchase of Regular Hibachi Only

Side Orders -